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Armenian Relief Society St.Catharines “Araz” Chapter:

The A.R.S. Canada Region Executive coordinates the work and provides leadership for 10 chapters and over 1,250 members across Canada. The activities of its chapters serve two purposes: to preserve and promote Armenian culture and heritage, and also to raise funds necessary for humanitarian efforts. These include summer camps, financial help for educational institutions, scholarships for university students, and relief/moral support to the needy and elderly within the community.

As an independent, non-governmental and nonsectarian organization, with affiliate entities in 26 different countries serving the social and educational needs of communities everywhere, seeking to preserve the cultural identity of the Armenian nation, and, whenever and wherever the need arises, to bring humanitarian help to all communities in distress – Armenian and non-Armenian alike – the Society pursues the following aims: To promote the spiritual and physical well being of our communities; to enhance the education of the Society’s members and encourage their involvement in public service; to encourage participation in local organizations engaged in community activities and social services compatible with the principles of the Society; and to cooperate with organizations with similar humanitarian aims.

ARS in St. Catharines:
In St. Catharines, The ARS was founded in 1923, by the efforts of the ARF “Antranig” Gomideh. Currently the ARS encompasses over 30 female members that work towards the betterment of the community. The ARS is also the sponsor for the “Haratch” Saturday school, and the ARS “Anush” Dance Group. Concurrent with the ARS International program, the “Araz” chapter participates in humanitarian aid sent to the needy in Armenia and elsewhere. The “Araz” chapter is a major sponsor for the “Sosse” Kindergarten in Liberated Karabagh.

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For more information about the St. Catharines Chapter, please contact Gary Kavazanjian at

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