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Homenetmen (meaning "Armenian General Union of Culture") is a pan-Armenian diaspora organization devoted to Sport and Scouting.

The motto of the Homenetmen group is "Rise and Raise" which inspires members to elevate themselves to new heights while also striving to elevate others.  Homenetmen was founded in 1918 in Constantinople by Shavarsh Krissian, Hovhannes Hintliyan, and Krikor Hagopian and the first Homenetmen Executive Committee was formed on December 16, 1918.

Homenetmen has established various chapters in the Armenian diaspora including many cities in the Middle East, Europe, United States, Canada, South America and Australia.  Homenetmen in Canada and the Eastern United States were initially formed as a joint Region in October 1974, but in March of 1977, the structure was changed and at that time Canada and the Eastern United States became two separate Homenetmen Regions.

Homenetmen Canada’s first chapter was founded in 1958 in Montreal.  Following that, Chapters were founded in Hamilton (1968), Toronto (1969), Cambridge (1977) and St. Catherines (1986).  Presently Homenetmen Canada has almost 2000 members; 850 in Montreal, 650 in Toronto, 150 in Cambridge, 50 in St. Catherines, 50 in Hamilton and 100 in Laval.  All of these groups offer sporting and recreational opportunities for youth and some Chapters also participating in Scouting.


To learn more about Homenetmen, click here.


For more information about the St. Catharines Chapter, please contact Gary Kavazanjian at

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